I have to confess, half the time when I am watching a really great tango dancer, my mind starts to wander to a somewhat unrelated subject.


Where did she get them?  Can I get some?  Could I dance in them well enough?  Could I dance in them at all?

I have a small collection of Comme Il Faut tango shoes which I have not yet worn on the dance floor because I am certain there will be a learning curve for me to wear anything higher than a 3 inch heel, and I do not want to waste any dances or torture my partners by breaking them in.  Sort of like the monkey with his fist in a jar, unwilling to let go of the food in it.  This is a personal problem.  But it doesn’t stop me from buying them.

I just learned today from Lisadore’s Comme Il Faut website that only 60 pair of one design are ever made.  The fact that I own shoes that are actually art fills me with a strange pride.  This photo was originally from www.wellheeledblog.com. Some day, I’ll share a photo of my (barely danced in) shoes. And for those of you who share my fetish, send me photos of your dance shoes and I’ll feature them!


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