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Some of you may know that my beloved publisher, Booktrope, ceased publication on May 31.

The publishing business has always been tough.  It’s an industry that shouldn’t exist, economically speaking.  But it survives and even thrives because of the authors, editors, agents, designers and other professionals who make the crazy bargain to make little or no money in order to see great stories told.  Booktrope had a great ride and played a small but important role in the disruption of the old legacy model of traditional publishing.  Katherine Sears and Ken Shear did an amazing job.  No one could have done better.

I just reissued my tango mystery Dead on Her Feet and my short story Death of a Tango Dancer under a new imprint, Infernal Press – my little inside joke because it’s a totally made up publisher.  But I also used of the inside cover to honor the real publisher who changed everything for me.  Farewell, Booktrope.

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