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For those who dedicate their lives to “chasing the ghost,” searching for that elusive moment of perfect connection on the dance floor, tango is a drug that proves fatal.

When a much-hated member of the Atlanta tango community is stabbed in the middle of a dance, the last thing tango instructor Antonia “Ant” Blakeley wants to do is help the police work out how someone could have struck the fatal blow unseen. Her troubled nephew is first on the list of suspects, and she’ll do anything to protect him. Unfortunately for her, she’s up against Detective Sam Morrow, a former marine who will do anything to get to the truth. Only one of them will get what they want.

An Antonia Blakely Tango Mystery (Book 1)




Que Falta Me Haces

by Miguel Calo | Las Grandes Orquestas del Tango, 1998



Selected Reviews

Dead on Her Feet is a smart, stylish debut. The backdrop may be a tango studio but Lisa Fernow knows her stuff off the dance floor as well, creating interesting, well-defined characters and a clever plot.

Rosemary Harris


The devil’s own choreographer must have inspired the danza de la muerte in Lisa Fernow’s terrific debut novel.

Skye Moody

Bestselling Author and Mystery Novelist

Dead on Her Feet seduces you into a tantalizing mystery. Sharp, witty, and clever by turns, tango instructor Antonia Blakeley and her intriguing friends will keep you reading relentlessly. Dancing with the Stars move over; author Lisa Fernow clearly has all the right moves.

Chapple Langemack

Originator, Readers Services Program, King County Library System

Rap Sheets

Antonia 'Ant' Blakely

Atlanta tango instructor, and Christian Cookerly’s guardian, she interfered in everyone’s lives but failed to see her own blind spots…

Christian Cookerly

Antonia’s troubled nephew was introverted and obsessed. It wouldn’t take much to send him over the edge…

Nathalie LeFebre

Gold-digger, manipulator, and femme fatale, she broke every rule in the tango code. But will she get away with it?…

Barbara Wolfe

Passionate, hot tempered, and jilted. Under the influence of alcohol she was capable of anything…

Eduardo Sanchez Jaury

Argentine milonguero with a dark past. Would the proud lover act out of jealous rage? Tango history is filled with examples of men who have killed for less…

Roland Guest

Scion of one of the most influential families in Atlanta. Tiring of his fiancée but unable to break free of her spell…

Bobby Glass

The professor noticed everything but saw nothing. Was he really the mild-mannered absent-minded professor he seemed?…

Sam Morrow

The former marine had to solve the crime with or without Antonia Blakeley’s help, and he wasn’t sure which situation would cause him more heartburn….

Shawna Muir

Calm and collected, and too sensible to marry a man who didn’t love her. Would the perfect hostess rather see him dead?…

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