Tango never felt so primal, so sexy, so treacherous!

"The devil’s own choreographer must have inspired the danza de la muerte in Lisa Fernow’s terrific debut novel."

Skye Moody

Murder, mayhem, and milongas!

"Dead on Her Feet is a smart, stylish debut. The backdrop may be a tango studio but Lisa Fernow knows her stuff off the dance floor as well, creating interesting, well-defined characters and a clever plot."

Rosemary Harris


Rich with juicy tango insider details...

"Like a great tango dance...invites you politely into the action before it accelerates to a break-neck pace and leaves you breathless."

K'ai Roberts Fu

Renowned Tango Milonguero instructor

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Life After Booktrope

Life After Booktrope

Some of you may know that my beloved publisher, Booktrope, ceased publication on May 31. The publishing business has always been tough.  It's an industry that shouldn't exist, economically speaking.  But it survives and even thrives because of the authors, editors,...

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