About the Short Story

When a famous tango dancer drops dead of an apparent heart attack in the middle of a performance, tango instructor and chronic meddler Antonia “Ant” Blakeley is certain the man died of a self-inflicted cocaine overdose.

Annoyed that the police don’t take her suspicions seriously, she investigates on her own and discovers things are worse than she thought. There is a killer in the ballroom amidst her friends and acquaintances, and Antonia must stage a theatrical performance of her own to solve the crime before it destroys the community.

This short story takes place before Antonia appears in the full length tango mystery, Dead on Her Feet.



Selected Reviews

Like a great tango dance, short story Death of a Tango Dancer invites you politely into the action before it accelerates to a break-neck pace and leaves you breathless.¬† Rich with juicy tango insider details, Fernow’s story is a riveting, thoroughly enjoyable read.

K'ai Roberts Fu

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