dead-on-her-feet-cover3_highIn the mood for mystery?  Amazon is promoting some great ones – some from established names like Ed McBain, others from newer authors, for a limited time only.

And I am excited to let you know that Dead on Her Feet is one of the titles they selected!  Click here to go directly to that title.

Latest review of Dead on Her Feet from the tango community:

“I’ve been dancing tango since 1999, and teaching it most of the past 13 years. I love this book for several reasons, the foremost of which is the authenticity of the characters. No matter how over-the-top some of them might look to a non-dancer, I feel like I have taught, danced with, or gazed upon from afar, every tanguero/a described in this book…minus the murder part, that is. The descriptions of tango are accurate, including just how many dancers we can crowd into a small space, and how tango tends to addle people’s brains and bodies. I particularly love the steamy opening scene at the studio (you’ll have to read it to know!). I was not a mystery fan before reading this book, but enjoyed it so much that it has opened up a whole new genre for me. I am eagerly awaiting Fernow’s next installment!”

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