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Jane Reads noticed I am a big fan of Elizabeth Peters and asked me a great question about this.  What if anything does my tango mystery Dead on Her Feet heroine, Antonia Blakeley, have in common with Elizabeth Peters’ egyptologist detective, Amelia Peabody?  I hadn’t thought about it but it turns out they have many faults – I mean wonderful qualities – in common!  Read my guest blog on Jane Reads here.

Elizabeth Peters (Barbara Mertz), if you don’t know, wrote an absolutely charming mystery series set in turn of the (last) century Egypt.  Mertz was a bona fide egyptologist so the settings are always accurate and compelling.  And Amelia Peabody is one of my top 13 favorite female sleuths.  I highly recommend this series.  Here is a great photo of Mertz on location, as it were:

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I am very sorry to tell you that Mertz died last year but to give you a sense of her, this is from her website:  “Shortly before her death, she had written a line to be posted on this webpage:  “At 85, Elizabeth Peters … is enjoying her cats, her garden, lots of chocolate, and not nearly enough gin.” ”

Substitute a good glass of Syrah and I’m in.

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