I met Bill Kenower recently at a Pacific Northwest Writers Association event where I learned he had recently published a really cool book on writing, called WRITE WITHIN YOURSELF: An Author’s Companion.  It speaks to why we write, and why we MUST MUST MUST write what we love.  That struck a chord.  So on an impulse I asked if I could interview him, and he was game enough to accept.  I’m not entirely sure why I did this except to say that my inner ten year old – who is never wrong – thought it might be fun.

And it was.  We covered everything from marrying for love,  how writing is actually a form of service, the role of choice in the creative process, the only creative force that exists, speaking one’s truth, and whether business people are creative.  Hence, the ketchup.

This, paraphrased from his site, tells you what a wide range of writing interests he has followed:  Editor-in-Chief of Author magazine, an online magazine for writers and dedicated readers.  He writes a popular daily blog for the  magazine about the intersection of writing and daily life, and has interviewed hundreds of writers of every genre.  He also hosts the online radio program Author2Author where every week he and a different guest discuss the books they write and the lives they lead.

I will tell you that the a/v quality of this video is not great.  That’s because I shot it.  We were in a local restaurant, using my i-phone propped up on the bread basket, so I’m just calling this “Bill Unplugged.”  But we had fun, and I hope you will too.




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