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Alison Stuart is an award winning Australia writer of ‘cross-genre’ historical romances, so it was only natural that when she came to interview me for my blog tour that the topic turned out to be research.  I can’t imagine what a historical novelist goes through to get all those details right.  You must basically want to live in that time period, I suspect.

In my case, while I do spend a lot of time researching online, at least half the research I do involves showing up at a milonga ready to dance, interviewing tango masters, and scouting locations in Buenos Aires (sadly I didn’t get to use them because I ended up cutting those scenes from the book).  That seems a LOT easier than writing in another century!

I will let you read our interview on her blog, but I’ll just say that there must be something in the water in Australia – her sense of humor shines through!

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