Dead on Her Feet seduces you into the world of tango and then plunges you into a tantalizing mystery... Dancing with the Stars move over; author Lisa Fernow clearly has all the right moves.

Dead on Her Feet is a smart, stylish debut. The backdrop may be a tango studio but Lisa Fernow knows her stuff off the dance floor as well, creating interesting, well-defined characters and a clever plot.

The devil's own choreographer must have inspired the danza de la muerte in Lisa Fernow's terrific debut novel.

Murder, mayhem and milongas
Tango never felt so primal, so sexy, so treacherous

Rosemary Harris, Author of The Bitches of Brooklyn and Pushing Up Daisies

Seduces you into the world of tango

Chapple Langemack, Originator of King County Library System's Readers Services Program

Skye Moody, Bestselling Author and Mystery Novelist

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